Sister City Park

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Pocatello HillsPocatello Hills (05/10/2010) A bike at an overlook in Pocatello, Idaho.

Pocatello HillsPocatello Hills (05/10/2010) Houses in the foothills on the East side of Pocatello.

Sister City ParkSister City Park (05/10/2010) The terraced parking area at Sister City Park.

Retaining Wall and PavilionRetaining Wall and Pavilion (05/10/2010) A large retaining wall separates the pavilion from the main park.

Sister City ParkSister City Park (05/10/2010) Sister City Park is just off I15 on Pocatello Creek Road. This little doggie was happy to get out of the car.

East SideEast Side (05/10/2010) This picture shows the east side of Pocatello from the vista of Sister City Park.

Disc GolfDisc Golf (05/10/2010) Sister City Park sports a new disc golf course.

PlaygroundPlayground (05/10/2010) This playground is located on the upper section of Sister City Park in Pocatello.

Disc Golf and PlaygroundDisc Golf and Playground (05/10/2010) There is a fun playground for the little kids and disc golf course for the bigger kids at this stop in Pocatello.

Rolling in the GrassRolling in the Grass (05/10/2010) Rolling in the grass burns off some of the frustration of hours spent in the car.

Pocatello NeighborhoodPocatello Neighborhood (05/10/2010) A view of the neighborhoods of Pocatello from Sister City Park.

Disc Golf PathDisc Golf Path (05/10/2010) A pathway between the tees of a Pocatello Disc golf course.

Throwing StationThrowing Station (05/10/2010) A base of the disc golf course at Sister City Park.

Disc Golf HoleDisc Golf Hole (05/10/2010) Disc Golf does not require a major transformation of a park like traditional golf

Steep HillSteep Hill (05/10/2010) Sister City Park has a few poorly planned steep eroded paths.

Tee PadTee Pad (05/10/2010) A row of cinder blocks marks the tee pads at the Sister City Disc Golf Course.

Gamefield ExercisesGamefield Exercises (05/10/2010) The park features an exercise walk if you want a better workout than just a game of golf.

Excercise AreaExcercise Area (05/10/2010) Sister City Park features a variety of exercise options along the walk.

Worn EquipmentWorn Equipment (05/10/2010) Weathered exercise station.

Pocatello Creek RoadPocatello Creek Road (05/10/2010) A view of the neighborhoods from Pocatello Creek Park.

31 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-31

Sister City Park

Sister City Park on the Northeast end of Pocatello is a fun place to stop for a picnic on I15.

The park features a disc golf course, a playground, a massive pavilion and recreational facilities.

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