Pizza Parlors

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Pizza HutPizza Hut (10/28/2013) The Sugarhouse Pizza Hut is located at 735 East 2100 South.

Salt Lake Pizza and PastaSalt Lake Pizza and Pasta (10/28/2013) Picture shows a pizzeria in the Sugarhouse District.

Holladay PizzaHolladay Pizza (02/27/2013) A restaurant serves pizza, frozen yogurt and ice cream in Holladay. I could not find a web site for the joint. It may have turned into a Great Harvest Bakery.

Red Banjo PizzaRed Banjo Pizza (10/22/2010) The Red Banjo Pizza Parlour at 322 Main in Park City.

1-4 Pictures

Pizza Parlors

In my lifetime, Pizza transformed from an occasional treat out to a staple of the American diet. The USDA is considering naming Pizza as a fifth food group. Without pizza, College students would starve and the parents of young kids would go mad.

It seems that every town in the United State now offers a mix of Pizza Chain stores and beloved locally owned pizzerias. This page will show pizza joints that I photography as I wander around the country.

The Community Color directories list links to Pizza Joints in the Mountain West.

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