Parleys Trail

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Parley s TrailParley s Trail (10/25/2013) Parleys Trail through Sugarhouse Park.

Parley s TrailParley s Trail (10/25/2013) Parley's Trail is wedged between Sugarhouse Park and I80

Fenced InFenced In (10/25/2013) This stretch of Parley's trail is bordered by two fences. The fence on the right protects the greenhouses. The fence on the left protects people from the freeway.

Sugarhouse GreenhousesSugarhouse Greenhouses (10/25/2013) A long stretch of greenhouses at the Sugarhouse Park Facility.

Parley s TrailParley s Trail (10/25/2013) This is the new Parley's Trail on the South Side of Sugarhouse Park.

Parley s TrailParley s Trail (10/25/2013) The section of Parley's Trail along 1300 East is still under construction.

Parley s Trail ConstructionParley s Trail Construction (10/25/2013) The Construction equipment is working on Parley's Trail. The new building is a dorm for Westminster College.

Parley s Canyon BoulevardParley s Canyon Boulevard (10/25/2013) Parley's Canyon Boulevard runs diagonally along Parley's Creek just South of 2100 South. This picture shows the intersection of Parleys Canyon Boulevard and 1700 East from the Highland High School Parking Lot.

Sugarhouse Park in the FallSugarhouse Park in the Fall (10/25/2013) Sugarhouse Park in the Fall viewed from Parley's Trail.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/25/2013) A view of fall colors from 1700 East looking into Sugarhouse Park.

Laws!Laws! (10/25/2013) A board next to the park lists some of the laws. If we printed out all the laws, there'd be no trees left.

Parley s TrailParley s Trail (10/25/2013) A section of Parley's Trail into Sugarhouse Park. The trail is wedged between the park and I80.

Southeast FieldsSoutheast Fields (10/25/2013) A view of the Southeast corner of Sugarhouse Park from Parleys Trail.

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Parleys Trail

Parleys Trail is a network of hiking and biking trails running along Parleys Creek in South Salt Lake City.

The trail connects with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at the mouth of Parleys Canyon. A bridge crosses the freeway then drops into Parley's Hallow. The bike trail stays on the high shoulder of the gulch. The lower area is a popular dog walking area.

The ultimate goal is to create a continuous path from the canyon to the Jordan River Parkway. One has to take a number of alternate routes from Tanner Park to Sugarhouse Park.

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Bonneville Shoreline Trail (131 pictures) This page shows pictures along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail which connects with Parleys Trail at the mouth of Parleys Canyon.

Parley's Hollow (82 pictures) This gallery shows images from Parleys Hollow and Tanners Park.

Highland High School (24 pictures) Parleys Trail passes to the South of Highland High into Sugarhouse Park.

Sugarhouse Park (89 pictures) Parleys Trail is on the South end of Sugarhouse Park.

Sugar House District (210 pictures) The trail will follow the new Sugarhouse Trolley line into the heart of the valley.


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