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Skullcandy RideSkullcandy Ride (12/23/2013) A sporty car in the Skullcandy Parking lot.

SkullcandySkullcandy (12/23/2013) The Skullcandy building is located at 1441 Ute Blvd #250, Park City. The store offers quality headphones and earbuds at a sweet price point.

Newpark Office ComplexNewpark Office Complex (12/23/2013) A building in the Newpark office complex.

Skullcandy BuildingSkullcandy Building (12/23/2013) Skullcandy offers a line of quality headphones at a sweet price point.

Covered ParkingCovered Parking (12/23/2013) The Newpark area features vast expanses of covered and uncovered parking.

Funky CondosFunky Condos (12/23/2013) The Newpark area sports a display of funky condos on its East side.

Newpark HotelNewpark Hotel (12/23/2013) The Newpark Hotel offers luxury lodging in Kimball Junction. The hotels have convenient access to the freeway and the Olympics Park. It is still a drive to the resorts.

Newpark CondosNewpark Condos (12/23/2013) The New Park Condos combine modern box architecture and sloped roofs with intriguing angles.

Newpark CondosNewpark Condos (12/23/2013) A row of Condos on the East end of the Newpark development.

Newpark CondosNewpark Condos (12/23/2013) A side view of the Newpark Condos.

Newpark HotelNewpark Hotel (12/23/2013) The North tower of the Newpark hotel in the Kimball Junction area of Park City.

Newpark and CenterNewpark and Center (12/23/2013) A sloped roof building sits on the corner of Newpark Boulevard and Center Drive. The sign in the window says "available."

Kids on StiltsKids on Stilts (12/23/2013) Just a warning to kids, if you walk on stilts in the Newpark area, they will bronze you. It happened to these kids and can easily happen again.

Maxwell s and the EcoCenterMaxwell s and the EcoCenter (12/23/2013) Maxwell's cafe is adjacent to the Swaner EcoCenter in Kimball Junction.

Maxwell s FacadeMaxwell s Facade (12/23/2013) A mixed use building sports a restaurant and vacation lodging in Park City.

Swaner EcoCenterSwaner EcoCenter (12/23/2013) The Swaner EcoCenter is an education center by Utah State University in the Kimball Junction area of Summit County. The preserve features a Montane and Alpine Garden.

NewparkNewpark (12/23/2013) A part of the Newpark development adjacent to the Snyderville Basin preserve.

Swaner EcoCenterSwaner EcoCenter (12/23/2013) The Swaner EcoCenter is on the East side of the Newpark Development.

Bike ChainBike Chain (12/23/2013) A section of a bicycle chain broke off and was left abandoned near the Swaner EcoCenter. (I would had to see the bike). The bike this came from must be huge!

WalkwayWalkway (12/23/2013) A walkway leads to condos in the Newpark area.

39 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-39

Newpark District

This gallery includes pictures from the Newpark mixed use district in the Kimball Junction area of Summit County. This is an upscale development with shops, the Newpark Hotel, office complex and funky modern apartments.

The park is adjacent to the massive Swaner Nature Preserve which seeks to preserve the Snyderville Basin.

Context: Towns-Utah

Kimball Junction (39 pictures) This gallery shows additional images from the Kimball Junction Area.

Park City, Utah (164 pictures) This gallery shows images from the town of Park City to the Southeast of Newpark.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) Newpark is bordered by Interstate I80 on the North.


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