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Cinder ConesCinder Cones (05/10/2010) Massive Cinder Cones rise above the Snake River Plane. The hot spot that created these buttes is currently boiling under Yellowstone National Park. This is state route 22 heading out of Arco.

Zip Pattern on Cinder ConeZip Pattern on Cinder Cone (05/10/2010) A road cuts switch backs on its way up the side of a cinder cone West of Idaho Falls.

Idaho RoadsIdaho Roads (05/10/2010) Between Arco and Blackfoot.

Southern IdahoSouthern Idaho (05/10/2010) Heading South on I15 in Southern Idaho.

Oxford PeakOxford Peak (05/10/2010) A long stretch of Idaho heads toward this mountain which I believe to be Oxford Peak in the Bannock Mountains.

1-5 Pictures


This gallery shows random pictures from Idaho. My tumblr galler Idaho Color reblogs thousands of the best Idaho photos from the Gem State.


Context: Towns-Idaho

Utah State (53 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the Beehive State (due South of Idaho)


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