Hoover Dam

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Intake TowersIntake Towers (03/12/2011) There are four intake towers on the Lake Mead side of the Hoover Dam.

Kingman AccessKingman Access (03/12/2011) Old US93 and parking along the Hoover dam.

SpillwaySpillway (03/12/2011) The Hoover Dam spillway was first used during the floods of 1983.

Intake TowersIntake Towers (03/12/2011) The intake towers at Hoover dam stand tall during low water.

Bridge over the SpillwayBridge over the Spillway (03/12/2011) The old u93 bridge over the Hoover Dam Spillway makes for an interesting study in concrete.

Towers and CliffsTowers and Cliffs (03/12/2011) The intake towers of Hoover Dam framed by the cliffs of the Black Canyon of the Colorado.

Old 93Old 93 (03/12/2011) For years US 93 ran along the crest of Hoover Dam in a continuous traffic jam. Now the crest of the dam is a pleasant walk.

Intake TowersIntake Towers (03/12/2011) A close up of the front two intake towers at Hoover Dam.

Lake MeadLake Mead (03/12/2011) The view of Lake Mead from Hoover Dam.

Low WaterLow Water (03/12/2011) The Spillway marks the maximum elevation of Lake Mead. The lake seems to be a drop or two below capacity.

Hoover Dam CenterHoover Dam Center (03/12/2011) A view of the visitor center at Hoover Dam.

Bypass Project PlaqueBypass Project Plaque (03/12/2011) A plaque commemorates the completion of the U93 Hoover Bypass Bridge connecting Nevada and Arizona with a state of the art bridge in 2010.

Pedestrian WayPedestrian Way (03/12/2011) A substantial pedestrian way on US93 provides a view of the Hoover Dam.

Lake Mead ViewLake Mead View (03/12/2011) Lake Mead viewed from US 93.

Visitor ParkingVisitor Parking (03/12/2011) This picture shows a huge parking garage and electrical wires at Hoover Dam.

US93US93 (03/12/2011) Looking North in Nevada on the US 93 Bypass Bridge.

Lake MeadLake Mead (03/12/2011) Lake Mead is held back by Hoover Dam.

US93US93 (03/12/2011) US93 crossing the Colorado River.

Project ScheduleProject Schedule (03/12/2011) This is something that project managers everywhere will enjoy. They burned the project schedule for the US 93 Bypass bridge into bronze.

US93 Bypass BridgeUS93 Bypass Bridge (03/12/2011) There is a little bit of elevation to this bridge spanning the Black Canyon of the Colorado at Hoover Dam.

79 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-60, 60-79

Hoover Dam

This gallery shows images of Hoover Dam, the Hoover Dam by pass bridge and Lake Mead taken on a trip in 2011 (a year after the completion of the bypass bridge.)

Hoover Dam, also called Boulder Dam, was constructed from 1931 to 1936. It was started in the Hoover administration and completed in the Roosevelt administration. Naming a public work's project after the president who funded it is a bit controversial.

The Dam is built on the Black Canyon of the Colorado between Mohave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada.

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the US. It covers 247 sq miles and holds back some 26 million acre feet of water. It was named after Elwood Mead who was the director of the Bureau of Reclamation at the time of the dam's construction.

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