GPS Photo Contest

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GPS Photo Contest

I've been blogging on SteemIt and HIVE. These are platforms that pay people in cryptocurrency for their posts.

I recently participated in a challenge on SteemIt called TheDiaryGame. The curators gave the rewards to friends and failed to curate many participants in the game.

Rather than complain, I decided to launch my own tagged based challenge which I will call GPSPhoto. I hope to do a better job with the curation.

I will give curation rewards to anyone who uses the tag #GPSPhoto on Blurt, SteemIt and HIVE. The photo needs to include a title and description of the item photographed. I will post the pictures of the GPS Photo game in this gallery.

My HIVE account has 3333 HP. My STEEM account has 300 SP. I will give people a stack of PHOTO tokens with the STEEM. I might supplement blurt posts with tokens as well. Web Hosting $6.95