Foothill Boulevard

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Lefavi Financial CenterLefavi Financial Center (04/06/2016) Lefavi Financial Center occupies a office complex on Foothills Drive.

Foothill ConstructionFoothill Construction (04/05/2016) A company is constructing a large senior housing project on Foothill Boulevard in the Southeast reaches of Salt Lake City.

New Senior HousingNew Senior Housing (04/05/2016) This is a construction product for senior housing on Foothill Drive in Salt Lake.

2319 Foothill Drive2319 Foothill Drive (04/06/2016) A red brick office complex on Foothill Drive.

Pitched RoofPitched Roof (04/06/2016) Workers on a pitched roof along Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.

Foothill Family ClinicFoothill Family Clinic (04/06/2016) Foothill Family Clinic is located at 2295 South Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.

Foothills Drive Meeting PlaceFoothills Drive Meeting Place (04/07/2016) This is an LDS Meeting House at 1565 South Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.

Jiffy LubeJiffy Lube (04/07/2016) The Jiffy Lube at 1577 Foothill Drive Salt Lake City. The first Jiffy Lube was in Ogden.

Foothills Drive ApartmentFoothills Drive Apartment (04/08/2016) One of the many apartment complexes on Foothills Drive.

Phillips 66Phillips 66 (04/08/2016) A convenience store and gas station at 1605 S Foothill Dr, Salt Lake City, UT.

Taqueria 27Taqueria 27 (04/08/2016) Taqueria 27 has the anchor position in this strip mall on Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.

PoliformPoliform (04/08/2016) The Poliform building is dug into the hillside on Foothill Drive. The web site on the building doesn't work. Perhaps the building is between tenants.

State Liquor StoreState Liquor Store (04/08/2016) A Utah State Liquor Store is tucked into the back of a strip mall off Foothill Drive at 1625 S 900 W, Salt Lake City, UT.

Mister Car WashMister Car Wash (07/03/2016) The Mister Car Wash as 1635 Foothill Drive has a notably red roof.

Red HangerRed Hanger (07/03/2016) Red Hanger is a Utah based chain of dry cleaners with 20 locations. This is the store on Foothill Drive.

Skyline Inn MotelSkyline Inn Motel (07/03/2016) The Skyline Inn Motel is located at 2475 E 1700 S, just off Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.

Montessori Community SchoolMontessori Community School (07/03/2016) The Montessori Community School is a private grade school using the Montessori method of learning located at 2416 East 1700 South in Salt Lake City.

All Saints Episcopal ChurchAll Saints Episcopal Church (07/03/2016) All Saints Episcopal Church is located at 1710 Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mister Car WashMister Car Wash (07/03/2016) Mister Car Wash viewed from 1700 East.

All Saints Episcopal ChurchAll Saints Episcopal Church (07/04/2016) All Saints Episcopal Church is located at 1710 Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City.

Highland HHighland H (07/04/2016) Foothill Drive is a thoroughfare lined by houses and apartments offset by a retaining wall. This house sports a small garden shack with the Highland High "H" in the background.

Wasatch HillsWasatch Hills (07/04/2016) Wasatch Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church is located at 2139 Foothill Drive.

First Congregational ChurchFirst Congregational Church (07/04/2016) The First Congregational Church of Salt Lake City is located at 2150 S Foothill Drive.

Aging ShackAging Shack (07/05/2016) This aging garden shack stands over a retaining wall built for Foothill Drive.

Retaining Wall and ShackRetaining Wall and Shack (07/05/2016) There are retaining walls separating Foothill Drive from the residential neighborhoods on either side of the road.

LDS Meeting HouseLDS Meeting House (07/05/2016) An LDS Meeting House at the intersection of Skyline and Foothill Drive

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Foothill Boulevard is a primary feeder route in the Salt Lake Valley that runs North from I90 at the Mouth of Parleys Canyon to the University of Utah.

At the University, the route turns westward and transforms into 500 East. 500 East is split by the University Line of Trax.

At about 1100 East, the road slants Northward down a steep hill and transforms into 400 South which is a primary East/Weat road through downtown Salt Lake City.

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