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Artful DogArtful Dog (10/22/2010) A colorful dog sits outside the Kimball Arts Center in Park City.

I Blame You, HumanI Blame You, Human (04/23/2010) Coco is NOT. I repeat, Coco is NOT happy about this whole bandage thing.

Doggie BagsDoggie Bags (03/23/2012) There is a dispenser for doggie bags in the mall.

1-3 Pictures

Man's Best Friend

Dog's earned a place in our hearts and man's best friend. On the rare occasion a dog is willing to sit still enough to get its picture taken, dog's can be quite photogenic.

This page includes pictures of the dogs I come across in my day to day life.


Only Natural Pets

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Coco - the puppy (211 pictures) Pictures of Coco, the wonder puppy.

A Fetching Dog (61 pictures) Pictures of dogs playing fetch.


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