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Comicon Girl with Hot RideComicon Girl with Hot Ride (09/06/2014) This young lady was ready to do business at the Salt Lake Comic con.

ComicCon RideComicCon Ride (09/06/2014) A young women poses with the Nightmare on 13th hot rod.

ComiCon PoseComiCon Pose (09/06/2014) A group was posing for a ComiCon photo outside ComiCon; so I decided to snap a shot as well.

Spidy on PatrolSpidy on Patrol (06/16/2012) Spidy was on patrol at the festival.

Exposition RoyaltyExposition Royalty (05/14/2014) I was honored to meet the Queen of Wraps herself at the Salt Lake Business Expo. The Queen of Wraps makes advertising displays for cars.

Megaplex TheatreMegaplex Theatre (05/14/2014) Cinematic characters were coming off the big screen at the Megaplex theater booth.

Smokey the BearSmokey the Bear (06/16/2012) Smokey the Bear was on hand to remind people to put out their campfires!

Plastic Suit DisplayPlastic Suit Display (06/16/2012) A display about disaster relief at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

WookieWookie (06/16/2012) A strange creature with two heads and four arms talks to a Wookie at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

1-9 Pictures

Halloween is the one day each year that I can take off my costume and be myself.

Most other people use the day as a chance to put a costume on and be someone-else. To each their own.

This section of Community Color shows pictures of people out in costume in public.

Well, I at least I think they are wearing a costume. It is possible that the masked man really is Spiderman and it is possible that Wookies walk the earth.

Context: People

Spooky Pictures (4 pictures) Pictures of spooky things like ghost towns, haunted houses or Halloween decor.


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