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Prep the BeansPrep the Beans (01/02/2014) The first step is to prep the beans. I started the garbanzo beans an hour before starting the chili. Granny acquired this wonderful copper bottom pot in 1951. Granny takes care of her stuff.

Start the FireStart the Fire (01/02/2014) I am using a Stovetech Rocket Stove. I made a fire from twigs and will push these little branches into the chamber to keep the fire going. This is oak, I made the recipe using five of these sticks.

Fire in the HoleFire in the Hole (01/02/2014) The fire shoots up through this chamber in the rocket stove creating a workable cooking flame.

Frying BaconFrying Bacon (01/02/2014) I like to start the process by cooking a few pieces of bacon. The grease adds flavor and I think it helps helps maintain the pan's seasoning.

Cook the MeatCook the Meat (01/02/2014) The first step is to cook the meat. When I went to the store, the extra lean meat was on sale and cost less than other varieties ... which is fine by me.

Add SpicesAdd Spices (01/02/2014) I add chili powder and seasoning to the meat so that it will be flavorful.

Brown the MeatBrown the Meat (01/02/2014) I cook the meat until it is good and brown

Remove Cooked MeatRemove Cooked Meat (01/02/2014) I remove the cooked meat and place it to the side. Since I am only using a pound of meat, I want it to stand out in the dish.

Start the OnionsStart the Onions (01/02/2014) I will cook the onions until they start to brown. Since this is a small batch I am using one onion. Personally, I like the onion to stand out so I sliced the onions large large.

Mis En PlaceMis En Place (01/02/2014) I am cooking the chili using a Mis en Place method. I sliced everything indoors and have them ready to throw in the pot one at a time.

Browning the OnionsBrowning the Onions (01/02/2014) Brown the onions before adding the rest of the ingredients. Yes, that is snow next to the stove. It is just about 30 degrees out.

Add the PeppersAdd the Peppers (01/02/2014) I add in the peppers. In this case I have a huge green pepper. Red peppers are better but a red pepper costs a $1.79! I also am adding garlic and jalapeno pepers.

Add the GarbanzoAdd the Garbanzo (01/02/2014) I've been simmering the Garbanzo beans on the stove. They are good and hot so I will add them next (and turn off the stove).

Steaming FoodSteaming Food (01/02/2014) The idea here is to add an ingredient then bring it up to steam then add the next.

Cans of FoodCans of Food (01/02/2014) I want beans of different texture. So I like to use a mix with some bagged beans and some canned beans.

Dutch Oven CookingDutch Oven Cooking (01/02/2014) Dutch Ovens seem to be extremely forgiving. Using one is largely about piling in food.

Adding the TomatosAdding the Tomatos (01/02/2014) I usually add two cans of tomatoes, but I am making a smaller recipe today and added only one.

A Little More SeasoningA Little More Seasoning (01/02/2014) Add some more seasoning to the veggies.

Chili BeansChili Beans (01/02/2014) Add in the Chili Beans.

Add The MeatAdd The Meat (01/02/2014) After cooking the beans a bit I add the meat back into the pot.

Cover and Let SimmerCover and Let Simmer (01/02/2014) I cover the pot and let it simmer.

Final IngredientsFinal Ingredients (01/02/2014) I add the final ingredients. In this case I add a few chopped onions, olives and diced tofu. I like adding tofu simply to highlight the different forms that beans can take. In the summer, I like to add fresh green beans.

A Dutch Oven Full of ChiliA Dutch Oven Full of Chili (01/02/2014) I now have a dutch oven half full of chili. This will be enough to feed ten people. A dutch oven full of chili could feed twenty.

Cover and SimmerCover and Simmer (01/02/2014) I can cover the chili and let it simmer until the people show up. I really like this rocket stove set up. Using two small sticks will keep the chili simmering for a half hour.

Rocket Stove CookingRocket Stove Cooking (01/02/2014) The Rocket Stove creates a small contained fire that lets you cook with a small amount of biomass ... in this case I am burning small branches.

Canned ChiliCanned Chili (01/02/2014) The people didn't show up for the event. Oh well. I put the chili in these old peanut butter jars and will be eating high on the hog for the next couple of days.

1-26 Pictures

Granny's Dutch Oven Chili

Granny's Dutch Oven Chili is an inexpensive recipe that can feed a large number of people on the cheap. The goal of this chili is to have a variety of beans with different textures. The recipe uses a mix of canned beans and bagged beans. In summer, I toss in fresh green beans. Today, I decided to perform chili sacrilege and toss in some diced tofu. Tofu is a bean product. The goal of this dish is to show off bean products.

For a crowd of 20, I would use two pounds of meat. Two cans of diced tomatos, a cup of Garbanzo beans and five cans of store bought beans. I was making a smaller batch.

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