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Best Western MidvaleBest Western Midvale (02/13/2014) This Best Western Plus is located at 280 W 7200 S in Midvale, Utah.

Best WesternBest Western (09/28/2004) The Best Western Hotel on Moab's Main Street sports its own water fountain.

Best Western - MoabBest Western - Moab (09/28/2004) The Best Western on Main Street in Moab sports a fountain. Click picture for reservation information.

Cedar City Best WesternCedar City Best Western (10/01/2006) There are two Best Western Hotels in downtown Cedar City.

Best Western PolsonBest Western Polson (10/25/2007) The Polson Best Western offers lodging on the South shores of Flathead Lake.

Best WesternBest Western (02/11/2008) It looks like the Best Western at the I80 interchange in Coalville is the best bet for lodging in the Echo Reservoir/Coalville area. Click picture to make reservation

1-6 Pictures

Best Western evolved from a informal system of hotel recommendations in which hotel owners would inform travelers of the best hotels a day's drive away to a leading brand.

The hotels in the Best Western network are independently owned. The hotels must pass quality standards and use the same reservation network. In many cases, the Best Western brand includes the most iconic hotel in town; So, I decided to make a separate page for Best Western.

Best Western

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