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America First CU DisplayAmerica First CU Display (05/14/2014) Banks generally make a good showing at business expositions. This display was for America First Credit Union.

America First Credit UnionAmerica First Credit Union (12/25/2013) Image shows the America First Credit Union in Sandy.

America First Credit UnionAmerica First Credit Union (12/25/2013) This shot shows the Sandy America First Credit Union framed by Loan Peak.

American First Credit UnionAmerican First Credit Union (12/25/2013) American First Credit Union is undergoing rapid expansion in the wake of the last bank melt down.

PC LaptopsPC Laptops (06/25/2009) This Image shows PC Laptops and Mountain America Credit Union which are located at 745 South State.

Mountain America Credit UnionMountain America Credit Union (06/25/2009) Mountain American on the 700 South Block of State Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

Chase BankChase Bank (02/27/2014) This branch of Chase is on the corner of Redwood Road and California Avenue.

1-7 Pictures

Bank Photos

Banks have all the money; so you would expect that they have the best buildings in town. So, I decided to create a gallery that shows images of different bank branches.

Of course, my decision to photograph banks will probably land me in jail under suspicion of casing the local bank, but I figure that one must suffer for their art.

The goal of the ProtoPhoto project is simply to take pictures of interesting things in the community. Banks charge a lot of interest and deserve a spot.

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