Arizona Science Center

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Arizona Science CenterArizona Science Center (02/20/2011) The Southeast Entrance to the Arizona Science Center.

Hands On Eye Opening FunHands On Eye Opening Fun (02/20/2011) The Arizona Science Center offers educational science exhibits.

Washington StreetWashington Street (02/20/2011) Washington Street from the Arizona Science Center.

Washington StreetWashington Street (02/20/2011) Washington Street from near the Arizona Science Center.

Bronze BugsBronze Bugs (02/20/2011) Bronze Bugs on Washington delight children at the Arizona Science Center.

ScorpionScorpion (02/20/2011) A bronze scorpion on display on Washington between the Phoenix Convention Center and Arizona Science Center.

Cactus GardenCactus Garden (02/20/2011) A cactus garden on Washingon Street near the Arizona Science Center.

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Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center and Heritage Square on the Southeast corner of downtown Phoenix provides an interesting open space that highlights both the pioneer history and educational science exhibits. The square includes Rosson House Museum and smaller exhibits in pioneer structures.

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Phoenix Convention Center (14 pictures) The Phoenix Convention Center is due West of the Arizona Science Center.


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