Affiliates in the Community

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I created both this gallery and the Community Color project to investigate the way the local community appears on the World Wide Web.

In school, I was taught to have a deep disdain for business. When I take pictures of towns, I used to take extreme measures to block out any commercial aspects of modern life.

By attempting to cut commerce from photos, I realized that I was creating a false view of the community and I began to gradually includes pictures of stores and commercial structures in my galleries.

While walking through a desert canyon, I thought about the way the landscape tended to form to the flow of water on the Continent.

It finally dawned on me that our communities tend to form to the flow of resources through the community.

Including pictures of commercial structures not only provides a more accurate view of our communities, it is necessary to help us understand how resources flow through the community.

The Community Color project is time consuming and expensive. It costs several thousand dollars to keep the sites up on line. To continue the project I need a funding source.

Considering that our local communities tend to form to the flow of resources, it makes sense to think about the flow of resources on the Internet.

Much of the Internet is formed to the flow of resources of ecommerce. To create an accurate representation of the local web, I should embrace this flow of resources and engage full-heartedly in ecommerce.

Affiliate marketing is an interesting aspect of ecommerce. Many stores will offer small web sites a portion of sales generated by links to the store.

It makes sense to attempt to fund the Community Color project by taking pictures of stores that offer affiliate programs and to link the pictures to the affiliate program.

This gallery simply shows pictures of businesses that happen to offer affiliate programs. Yes, it is my hope the inclusion of these links will result in commissions that I would use to keep this project online. You can see a larger list of affiliate sites on

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