Winter Wood

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Snow Covered Pine TreesSnow Covered Pine Trees (12/21/2010) Nature not only does a better job decorating Christmas Trees, when nature decorates trees, she does it by the thousands.

Pine Tree in SnowPine Tree in Snow (12/21/2010) A pine tree growing alongside Neff Creek in the Wasatch Mountains.

Snow Covered TreesSnow Covered Trees (12/21/2010) A selection of trees in Neff Canyon.

Nature Decorates a Christmas TreeNature Decorates a Christmas Tree (12/21/2010) Nature decorates a pine tree in Neff Canyon.

Neff CreekNeff Creek (12/21/2010) Neff Creek in the winter.

Snow Covered BushSnow Covered Bush (12/21/2010) A snow covered bush hangs over Neff Creek in the Wasatch Winter.

Coco and AliceCoco and Alice (12/21/2010) Coco plays with Alice under one of nature's Christmas Trees.

Trees in WinterTrees in Winter (12/21/2010) A young pine tree in a dissiduous forest.

Burdened with SnowBurdened with Snow (12/21/2010) Burdened with Snow, the trees bend over Neff Trail.

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree (12/21/2010) A small snow covered pine tree in the Wasatch Mountains.

Corkscrew TreeCorkscrew Tree (12/21/2010) An interesting tree trunk in Neff Canyon. It appears to have twisted itself into a corkscrew shape before finally giving in to gravity.

Snow Gathers on BranchesSnow Gathers on Branches (12/21/2010) It was snowing during my walk. The branches overhead had interesting snow covered patterns.

A Pine Tree with a Troubled YouthA Pine Tree with a Troubled Youth (12/21/2010) This small pine tree made the questionable descision to grow in the gap created by the trail. In the distance is a full grown pine.

Snow PatternsSnow Patterns (12/21/2010) Snow Patterns on the trunk of a pine tree.

Neff Canyon CascadeNeff Canyon Cascade (12/21/2010) For a few months in the Spring, water cascades down this section of Neff Canyon.

Snow TrunksSnow Trunks (12/21/2010) Snow brings out the pattern of the bark in this double trunked pine tree.

Winter ParkWinter Park (12/21/2010) Trees at the confluence of the South Fork and main fork of Neff canyon.

Neff TreesNeff Trees (12/21/2010) A dissiduous Forest in Neff Canyon.

Trees in WinterTrees in Winter (12/21/2010) Trees bend with the snow in the Wasatch Mountain Winter.

Framed TreesFramed Trees (12/21/2010) Framed snow covered pine trees in Neff Canyon.

54 Pictures: 0-20, 21-40 , 40-54

It rained for most of the night and finally turned to snow in the wee hours of the morning. I thought it would be a good day for a walk in the woods.

So, I took my camera out in the snow for a short walk up Neff Canyon, taking pictures until my lens fogged up.

Neff Canyon is gradually transitioning from a dissiduous forest with shrub oak and maple to a pine forest. As such, I was able to get several photos of small pine trees covered in snow (Christmas Tress!).

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