Wasatch Hollow Park

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Park PavilionPark Pavilion (06/06/2010) A pavilion with a view of the distant Wasatch Mountains in Wasatch Hollow Park.

Flood Control?Flood Control? (06/06/2010) There is a line of mysterious gates at Wasatch Hollow that I assume have something to do with flood control.

Into the CulvertInto the Culvert (06/06/2010) Emigration Creek bubbles into this culvert in Wasatch Hollow Park.

Trail to the CreekTrail to the Creek (06/06/2010) A park pavilion towers over the culvert on Emigration Creek.

Flowers on the HillFlowers on the Hill (06/06/2010) Flowers cover the hillside over Emigration Creek.

Emigration TrailEmigration Trail (06/06/2010) A trail follows Emigration Creek through Wasatch Hollow.

Creek BendCreek Bend (06/06/2010) A bend in Emigration Creek in Wasatch Hollow.

Swinging RopeSwinging Rope (06/06/2010) Girls swing on a rope over Emigration Creek in Wasatch Hollow. They have a really cool looking bike.

Wasatch Hollow FallsWasatch Hollow Falls (06/06/2010) Emigration Creek takes a short fall as it bubbles through Wasatch Hollow.

Blue FallsBlue Falls (06/06/2010) I liked the blue reflections in this waterfall in Wasatch Hollow.

Tree Crossing?Tree Crossing? (06/06/2010) There was a sappling laid across the creek. I tried crossing, but got my toes wet.

Murky White WaterMurky White Water (06/06/2010) Murky White water from Emigration Creek tumble through trees with a few interesting green reflections.

Emigration CreekEmigration Creek (06/06/2010) Emigration Creek takes a bend around bared old tree trunks in Wasatch Hollow.

Wasatch Hollow TrailsWasatch Hollow Trails (06/06/2010) A choice of trails in Wasatch Hollow Park.

Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian Church (06/06/2010) A Presbyterian Church stands on the hill above Wasatch Hollow.

Wasatch Presbyterian ChurchWasatch Presbyterian Church (06/06/2010) This church on 1700 East 1700 South is capped with a shiny metal roof.

Lost Dog - StellaLost Dog - Stella (06/06/2010) When I saw this sign, I had an image of a person running around the neighborhood yelling: \`STELLA!\` PS, I removed the phone number from the image.

Wasatch Presbyterian ChurchWasatch Presbyterian Church (06/06/2010) Wasatch Presbyterian Church stands on a hill over Wasatch Hollow.

Inset PlaygroundInset Playground (06/06/2010) The Playground at Wasatch Hollow.

Playground BridgePlayground Bridge (06/06/2010) A central feature of Wasatch Hollow Park is a bridge walkway through and around the playground.

33 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-33

Wasatch Hallow

Wasatch Hollows is a park and riparian zone along Emigration Creek in the Wasatch Hollows neighbor near 1700 East 1700 South in Salt Lake City.


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Emigration Canyon (27 pictures) Additional Pictures from Emigration Creek and Emigration Canyon.

Sugar House District (210 pictures) The Sugarhouse District is just South of Wasatch Hollow.


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