Old Mill Park

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The Old MillThe Old Mill (12/25/2013) The Old Deseret Paper Mill in Cottonwood Heights had a short life span as a paper mill, then used as a dance hall and now is a ruin in Cottonwood Heights.

Old Mill Park in ShadowOld Mill Park in Shadow (05/10/2010) A view of Old Mill Park in the shadow of a storm

dry creekdry creek (06/16/2012) A bridge over a dry Big Cottonwood Creek.

Deseret MillDeseret Mill (06/15/2010) View of the Old Mill in Cottonwood Heights.

Big CottonwoodBig Cottonwood (06/15/2010) Artsy shot of the spring run off in Big Cottonwood Creek.

Foot BridgeFoot Bridge (06/06/2010) A foot bridge across Big Cottonwood creek at the Reservoir in Cottonwood Heights.

Bicycle TrailBicycle Trail (06/06/2010) This cycling trail follows Big Cottonwood Creek through Old Mill Park.

Wooden Foot BridgeWooden Foot Bridge (06/06/2010) A wooden foot bridge crosses Big Cottonwood Creek.

Covered BridgeCovered Bridge (06/06/2010) A handsome wooden bridge is part of a bicycle network that runs through Cottonwood Heights and Holladay

Bicycle TrailBicycle Trail (06/06/2010) A bicycle trail runs from the Big Cottonwood Reservoir to the Old Deseret Paper Mill.

Cycling TrailCycling Trail (06/06/2010) A stretch of Trail in the Old Mill Park in Cottonwood Heights.

Deseret Paper MillDeseret Paper Mill (06/06/2010) The Old Mill Paper Mill is a granite building designed by Henry Grow in 1883. The mill provided paper for the Deseret News.

Deseret Paper MillDeseret Paper Mill (06/06/2010) The Deseret Paper Mill was built in 1883 and suffered a catastrophic fire a decade later.

Deseret Paper MillDeseret Paper Mill (06/06/2010) The Deseret Paper Mill combined wood from the Cottonwood canyons with power from Big Cottonwood Creek to produce paper for the Deseret News.

Foot BridgeFoot Bridge (06/06/2010) A foot bridge across Big Cottonwood Creek in Old Mill Park.

Trail NetworkTrail Network (06/06/2010) The footbridge is part of a trail network in the southern stretches of the Salt Lake Valley.

Smelling the FlowersSmelling the Flowers (06/06/2010) Coco stops to smell the flowers alongside Big Cottonwood Creek.

Granite Paper MillGranite Paper Mill (06/06/2010) The Old Mill operated for several years with the name Granite Paper Mill.

Bike PathBike Path (06/06/2010) Coco on a bike path in the Old Mill Park alongside Big Cottonwood Creek.

Old Mill ParkOld Mill Park (06/06/2010) Old Mill Park offers open space at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

71 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-60, 60-71

Old Mill Park

Old Mill Park is a small neighborhood park along Big Cottonwood Creek in the Cottonwood Heights area of Salt Lake County. The park features a cycling trail and small reservoir used for flood control.

The building suffered a catastrophic fire on April Fools Day in 1893 and has been owned by a variety of concerns since.

Deseret Paper Mill

The park is named for the old Deseret Paper Mill on Big Cottonwood Canyon Road adjacent to the park. The abandonned building is privately owned and off limits to trespassers.

This impressive granite structure was built with granite discarded during the construction of the Salt Lake Temple. The building was designed by Henry Grow and erected 1883-1884 to provide paper for the Deseret News which was seeking to be independent of paper companies out East.

Wet Dogs in Park

The park requires that dogs be on leash and there are multiple signs along at the reservoir saying no swimming. However, many dog owners take their dogs to the park for a swim simply because there is very little open fresh water in the Salt Lake Valley and precious few off leash areas.


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