Mike Lee Rally

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Mike Lee Welcome HomeMike Lee Welcome Home (11/02/2013) I attended the Mike Lee Welcome Home Party at the Jordan River Park in South Jordan on November 2, 2012.

South Jordan RallySouth Jordan Rally (11/02/2013) This shows part of the crowd at the Mike Lee welcome home rally.

Substantial CrowdSubstantial Crowd (11/02/2013) I am standing a good distance from the rally. The crowd is about 50 people deep. There appears to be a few thousand people at the rally for Mike Lee.

I Like Mike RallyI Like Mike Rally (11/02/2013) People at a rally for Senator Mike Lee after a harrowing legislative session.

Halloween CostumeHalloween Costume (11/02/2013) Kids were still sporting Halloween costumes on November 2. Halloween is no longer a day but a season.

I Like Mike BannerI Like Mike Banner (11/02/2013) Many people took home made banners to the rally.

Liberty RallyLiberty Rally (11/02/2013) A rally supporting Mike Lee who took a bold stand for limited government this last legislative session.

Little DoggyLittle Doggy (11/02/2013) This little dog was not happy about all the kneecaps. Let's face it. There were just too many humans and not enough play time.

Don t Tread on MeDon t Tread on Me (11/02/2013) Many attendees at the rally bore "Don't Tread on Me Flags."

Rally CrowdRally Crowd (11/02/2013) The crowd at the Mike Lee Rally.

Photographer s PlaygroundPhotographer s Playground (11/02/2013) A photographer was smart enough to climb on the playground equipment for photos. I thought about following suit, but the kids were playing and I would hate to disrupt their play.

Rally Amid Park EquipmentRally Amid Park Equipment (11/02/2013) A picture from behind the volleyball net.

PavilionPavilion (11/02/2013) The rally was near this pavilion at Jordan River Park Way.

Light Press CoverageLight Press Coverage (11/02/2013) There was not much press coverage at the rally. This person has a professional quality camera. I couldn't figure out what he was filming.

Flags at a RallyFlags at a Rally (11/02/2013) I like the light on this row of flags at the Mike Lee rally.

Mike Lee RallyMike Lee Rally (11/02/2013) Flags at the Mike Lee Rally.

Balloons and PavilionBalloons and Pavilion (11/02/2013) A bundle of balloons were tied to a sign at a park pavilion.

Networking at the RallyNetworking at the Rally (11/02/2013) A few local political leaders were engaged in networking at the Mike Lee Rally.

Counter RallyCounter Rally (11/02/2013) There was a small counter rally at the event. Considering the constant attacks against Lee in the press, I was expecting the counter rally to be larger.

Rally CrowdRally Crowd (11/02/2013) A view of the crowd at the rally.

41 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-41

Mike Lee Rally

Utah Senator Mike Lee had a harrowing legislative season as he and Senator Ted Cruz.

Living in Salt Lake, I have never seen as much hatred and venom focused on one man as I have seen focused on Mike Lee. When I mention the name Mike Lee in politically correct circles, they begin foaming at the mouth.

So, What did Lee do to inspire such hatred?

He stood against the machine!

I will never fault a man for standing against a political machine.

Anyway, I was delighted to see a crowd of several thousand at the Welcome Home Rally for Senator Lee.

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RiverPark in South Jordan (101 pictures) The Rally was at the Jordan River Park near RiverPark in South Jordan.


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