Killyon Canyon

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Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon (07/14/2010) The Upper section of Emigration Canyon Road.

Mountain Hollyhock?Mountain Hollyhock? (07/14/2010) My first guess was Wild Hollyhock but I am used to large lobed leaves.

Killyon TrailKillyon Trail (07/14/2010) The Killyon Canyon preseves the low lying shrubs the emigrants had to whack through on the way to Salt Lake.

Bubbling BrookBubbling Brook (07/14/2010) A small stream bubbles through Killyon Canyon in the high Wasatch.

Killyon CreekKillyon Creek (07/14/2010) The Creek in Killyon Canyon (upper Emigration Canyon?).

Dog on TrailDog on Trail (07/14/2010) I am not sure of the status of dogs in Killyon Canyon. There was a stinky barrel for collecting dog bags at the trailhead.

Utah Open LandsUtah Open Lands (07/14/2010) Utah Open Lands is soliciting funds to preserve Killyon Canyon.

Mountain BridgeMountain Bridge (07/14/2010) A foot bridge spans the might Killyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Killyon FordKillyon Ford (07/14/2010) There are small wooden bridges crossing the creek with optional fords if you like to get your toes wet.

MilkweedMilkweed (07/14/2010) Milkweed prepares to bloom.

Killyon TrailKillyon Trail (07/14/2010) The Killyon Canyon trail gets scoured out by mountain bikes.

Killyon CreekKillyon Creek (07/14/2010) Killyon Creek is a tributary of Emigration Creek in the Wasatch Mountains.

Octogenarian  CrossingOctogenarian Crossing (07/14/2010) An octogenarian crosses Killyon Creek in the Wasatch.

Cone FlowerCone Flower (07/14/2010) A wild cone flower in bloom in Killyon Canyon.

Killyon CanyonKillyon Canyon (07/14/2010) Killyon Canyon is at the top of Emigration Canyon. The hiker happens to be the author of Affirmative Rationality.

Killyon CanyonKillyon Canyon (07/14/2010) A vista in Killyon Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Tall TreeTall Tree (07/14/2010) The Killyon Canyon trail approaches a tall tree.

Yellow FlowersYellow Flowers (07/14/2010) Yellow flowers in Killyon Canyon.

Trail OptionsTrail Options (07/14/2010) Options on the Killyon Canyon Trail include Lookout Peak, Little Mountain, East Canyon, Affleck Park, Mountain Dell Canyon and Big Mountain.

Rolling HillsRolling Hills (07/14/2010) The top of Killyon Canyon Canyon contains delightful rolling hills.

60 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-60

Killyons Canyon

To tell you the truth. I thought all of the mountain trails in Emigration Canyon were closed to the public. I was happy to discover that a branch of Killyon Canyon was open.

Open Lands

A group named Utah Open Lands is currently in a campaign to buy the private land in Killyon Canyon with the aim of making it open public lands.

I am not sure why land has to be owned by the state to be "open." There are plently of places owned by the government which are closed to the public and places that are privately owned that allow public access.

The rolling hills of Killyon made me think the location would be ideal for a cross country skiing lodge.


There is only about 4 parking spaces at the trail head. There is some additional parking a few hundred yards down the canyon. There is a private property sign on the road above Killyon. I am not sure if it applies to the road or the land alongside the road.


I am not sure about the status of dogs in the canyon. There is a box containing dog bags and a stinky garbage can at the base of the trail. The county has been systematically closing all public lands in the County to dogs.

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