Emigration Canyon

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East Canyon RoadEast Canyon Road (07/14/2010) State Route 65 below Little Dell Reservoir The road connects with Emigration Canyon at the top of the hill.

Mount AireMount Aire (07/14/2010) Mount Aire viewed from the top of Emigration Canyon. The Intersection of I80 and SR65 is on the right side of the picture.

Little Dell ReservoirLittle Dell Reservoir (07/14/2010) Little Dell Reservoir viewed from the top of Emigreation Canyon.

Emigration PassEmigration Pass (07/14/2010) Facilities on top of Emigration Canyon Road. Note, the area is closed to dogs.

Keep It PureKeep It Pure (07/14/2010) Parleys Canyon is closed to Dogs. This bike trail runs the ridge between Parleys and Emigration Canyon.

Little Dell ReservoirLittle Dell Reservoir (07/14/2010) The Little Dell Reservoir viewed from the Emigration Canyon Road.

Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon (07/14/2010) The Upper section of Emigration Canyon Road.

Killyon TrailKillyon Trail (07/14/2010) The Killyon Canyon preseves the low lying shrubs the emigrants had to whack through on the way to Salt Lake.

Killyon CreekKillyon Creek (07/14/2010) The Creek in Killyon Canyon (upper Emigration Canyon?).

Utah Open LandsUtah Open Lands (07/14/2010) Utah Open Lands is soliciting funds to preserve Killyon Canyon.

Killyon CreekKillyon Creek (07/14/2010) Killyon Creek is a tributary of Emigration Creek in the Wasatch Mountains.

Killyon CanyonKillyon Canyon (07/14/2010) Killyon Canyon is at the top of Emigration Canyon. The hiker happens to be the author of Affirmative Rationality.

Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon (07/14/2010) The Upper stretch of Emigration Canyon.

Killyon TrailKillyon Trail (07/14/2010) Killyon Canyon in upper Emigration Canyon.

Killyon VistaKillyon Vista (07/14/2010) A vista from Killyon Canyon in the Wasatch.

Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon (07/14/2010) A view of the South side of Emigration with Perkins Peak in the center. You can see Grandeur Peak over the saddle.

Into the CulvertInto the Culvert (06/06/2010) Emigration Creek bubbles into this culvert in Wasatch Hollow Park.

Emigration TrailEmigration Trail (06/06/2010) A trail follows Emigration Creek through Wasatch Hollow.

Swinging RopeSwinging Rope (06/06/2010) Girls swing on a rope over Emigration Creek in Wasatch Hollow. They have a really cool looking bike.

Blue FallsBlue Falls (06/06/2010) I liked the blue reflections in this waterfall in Wasatch Hollow.

Murky White WaterMurky White Water (06/06/2010) Murky White water from Emigration Creek tumble through trees with a few interesting green reflections.

Emigration MarketEmigration Market (06/06/2010) The Emigration Market Building on 1700 East 1300 South shut down during economic collapse. It was purchased by Harmons.

No TrespassingNo Trespassing (07/14/2010) It is not clear if this sign simply applies to the land to the right of the road is private property or if the whole road above Killyon Canyon is private parking.

Emigrant Canyon HouseEmigrant Canyon House (07/14/2010) A humongous "cabin" in Emigration just below the start of the Killyon Canyon trail.

Granite TabernacleGranite Tabernacle (10/28/2013) The Granite Tabernacle is located at 2005 South 900 East in the Sugarhouse District of Salt Lake.

Public BenchesPublic Benches (10/28/2013) Public benches on Emigration Creek just West of the Granite Stake Tabernacle in Sugarhouse.

Emigration Creek at 900 EastEmigration Creek at 900 East (10/28/2013) This is Emigration Creek as it emerges from under 900 East at 2005 South.

1-27 Pictures

Emigration Canyon

Emigration Canyon is a major canyon and transportation route through the Wasatch Mountains. The canyon is named for the early Utah pioneers who chose to emigrate through this canyon to the much steeper Parleys Canyon which is the current route for I80.

The mouth of the canyon sits on the east side of Salt Lake City and is home to Utah Heritage Park, the This Is the Place Monument and Hogel Zoo.

Emigration Canyon is a popular route for Utah cyclists. I enjoyed riding up Emigration and down Parleys Canyon ... a ride which includes a few harrowing miles on I80 through the main canyon.

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This is the Place Heritage Park (35 pictures) Pictures of This is the Place Monument and Hogle Zoo.

Killyon Canyon (60 pictures) Killyon Canyon is at the top of Emigration Canyon.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (131 pictures) Emigration Canyon connects with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail on the East Bench.

Parleys Creek (43 pictures) The Emigration Canyon Road connects with S65 in Parleys Canyon.

Utah State Road 65 (9 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the East Canyon Road which connects with the Emigration Canyon Road.

Wasatch Hollow Park (33 pictures) This Gallery Shows pictures of the Wasatch Hollow Area along Emigration Creek. (About 1700 East 1700 South).


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