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Sterling FurnitureSterling Furniture (10/28/2013) Sterling Furniture is on the corner of 2100 South 1100 East in the heart of the Sugarhouse District.

Swimming Up 2100 SouthSwimming Up 2100 South (10/28/2013) Little fish swim up 2100 South in Sugarhouse in a fun display of public art.

Sugarhouse BBQSugarhouse BBQ (10/28/2013) Sugarhouse Barbeque serves up southern cooking on 2100 South.

Snelgrove SignSnelgrove Sign (10/28/2013) Snelgrove was a Utah based brand of ice cream with its flagship store at 850 East 2100 South in Sugarhouse marked by a spinning art deco double ice cream cone. The company was purchased by Dreyer's which was acquired by Nestle, leaving just the cones.

MathnasiiumMathnasiium (10/28/2013) The Sugarhouse Mathnasium is located at 1511 East 2100 South across the street from Sugarhouse Park.

Millie s BurgersMillie s Burgers (10/28/2013) Millie's Burgers is a fast food establishment at 2092 S 1000 E in Sugarhouse.

Petersen Art CenterPetersen Art Center (10/28/2013) The Petersen Art Center in Sugarhouse offers art classes and sells Utrecht Art Supplies in downtown Sugarhouse.

Ekamai ThaiEkamai Thai (10/28/2013) Ekamai offers Thai cuisine just North of Sugarhouse Park.

Extended Stay AmericaExtended Stay America (10/28/2013) Extended Stay America offers suites for weekly and monthly rental in the heart of the vibrant Sugarhouse District.

Blockbuster and FYEBlockbuster and FYE (10/28/2013) Blockbuster and FYE sit on the corner of 2100 South and 700 East. Video rentals and records were once hottest businesses in the entertainment industry. Today FYE's trade in used media approaches it trade in new music.

Got BeautyGot Beauty (10/28/2013) Got Beauty is a salon on 2100 South and 900 East in the the Sugarhouse District.

Utrecht Art SuppliesUtrecht Art Supplies (10/28/2013) Utrecht offers art supplies and art classes in the heart of the Sugarhouse District at 1025 East 2100 South.

Golds GymGolds Gym (10/28/2013) Gold's Gym has a facility at 1033 East 2100 South in Sugarhouse.

2100 South 700 East2100 South 700 East (10/28/2013) The intersection of 2100 South 700 East sports a variety of strip malls with fast food joints and stores.

Deseret IndustriesDeseret Industries (10/28/2013) Deseret Industries operates a thrift store on 2100 South.

Square 1 FitnessSquare 1 Fitness (10/28/2013) Square 1 Fitness offers personal training at 729 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT.

Ute Car WashUte Car Wash (10/28/2013) Ute Car Wash is a self service car wash company with multiple units in Salt Lake. This is in Sugarhouse.

Barnes and NobleBarnes and Noble (10/25/2013) The Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble is on the corner of 2100 South and 1100 East.

Burt Bros.Burt Bros. (10/25/2013) A service station in Sugarhouse.

Carls JuniorCarls Junior (10/25/2013) A fast food restaurant in Sugarhouse.

92 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 80-92

Parley's Way (2100 South)

2100 South is a primary street in Salt Lake City just North of Interstate 80.

Parleys Way branches off the Foothill Boulevard express way just North of the mouth of Parleys Canyon. It veers northwest towards its intersection with 2300 East near Saint Ambrose Parrish, then heads due west with a grand view of the Kennecott Smoke Stack.

2100 West runs past Highland High School and Sugarhouse Park into the main Sugarhouse shopping district where it is lined with businesses big and small. Being adjacent to a freeway makes 2100 South a prime location for regional businesses.

The road passes the County Complex at State Street and crosses Trax at 300 West. The Road turns into an expressway after its intersection with I15.

To draw people into downtown Salt Lake, Interstate 80 joins I15 and heads due North into downtown. Much of the Interstate Traffic will exit I80 and take the 2100 South Expressway. This cuts off several miles.

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Context: City Streets

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